Acrylic Display Case-5 Examples

Acrylic Display Case-5 Examples

May 19, 2015

Go ahead, take a look around.  Chances are you will find an acrylic display case.  You will find them in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors and many styles.  Need some help?  I have listed below 5 examples of their use and where you will find them.

Example 1 - Food Industry - acrylic display cases are not just found in grocery stores.  You will find them at your favorite coffee shop, convenience store, fast food restaurant, some book stores, hotels and bakery shops.  What is their purpose?  They encase products to be sold to the consumer, such as cookies, donuts, cupcakes, candies, macarons, bagels, fudge and more. You can even have your acrylic display case dispense items such as cereals, candies, nuts, coffee beans, pretzels and condiment packets. Add an eye-catching logo to your case to help your product be the one they purchase.

Example 2 - Jewelry - Jewelry stores, mall kiosks, specialty shops and retail stores use acrylic display cases to sell watches, rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and other jewelry.  These can be stationery, rotating, lockable, have mirrored panels, J-bars, shelves, built-in or removable racks.  They can be made in a variety of shapes such as square, rectangular, hexagonal and slanted fronts.

Example 3 - Protective - An acrylic display case can be used as a protective cover to reduce liability and injury.  Protective cases are able to be bolted or screwed onto a counter or display stand.  Polyfab has manufactured acrylic display cases to cover car engines so that people can see how they work without the liability of injury, protective cases for electronics and toys in retail stores for consumer viewing without the liability of loss and acrylic display cases in schools and other settings to protect breakable or collectible items securely.  Depending on the amount of protection you need, we also make these cases out of PETG or Polycarbonate, both break-resistant materials.

Example 4 - Showcases - An acrylic display case is the perfect choice for a showcase.  Showcases are everywhere . . . hospitals, schools, retail stores, convenience stores, specialty stores, flea markets.  You name it, one is probably there.  Our custom acrylic display cases can incorporate different color materials, locks, sliding doors, built-in and/or removable shelving, a variety of shapes, stationery or rotating, logos and headers.  The types of products you can showcase are almost endless . . collectibles, minerals, e-cigarettes, lighters, jewelry, housewares, art, sculptures, pottery, figurines, awards, trophies.  What other types of items can you imagine showcasing? 

Example 5 - Slatwall - Taking advantage of every inch of retail space is critical to maximize your sales.  One of the best ways to accomplish this is to install slatwall along the perimeter walls and on kiosks allowing you to merchandise from the floor up.  An acrylic display case can be adapted to fit onto slatwall directly or onto a slatwall shelf.  Some of the primary items showcased in a slatwall acrylic display case could be the latest shoe, health products, electronics such as cell phones and tablets, collectible cars, book series, gaming systems, assembled toy sets, eyewear, etc.  We also manufacture other slatwall items such as shelves, bulk bins, sign holders, waterfalls, eyewear holders and easels in standard and custom designs. 

Now that I have given you some ideas, have you started to look?  Have your creative juices started flowing, thinking about the acrylic display case you need to sell your product?

We are right here and ready to help.

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