Acrylic Videos

Below are images and videos of some of the machines used during the fabrication process. If you have questions about how we design and fabricate our displays, don’t hesitate to ask.

The Northwood 2-Head CNC Router is a precision cutting machine that can cut shapes, letters and numbers; drill and countersink holes; bullnose edges; cut 45 degree mitered edges, engrave and more. Its versatility lends itself to creative point-of-purchase displays, signage and branding.

The SCM Sigma 90 D Plus 3200 is a versatile, reliable and consistent precision horizontal panel saw. With a 126″ cutting length, 3/54″ blade projection and 3 air cushion tables, this machine cuts your parts quickly, efficiently and most importantly, accurately.

This Bermaq edge polishing machine is designed with the highest level of accuracy to polish flat parts at 90 degrees, producing a high quality polished edge even on high production runs. If your displays need that high-end finish, this machine helps us produce results that impress.