Specialty Stores

Specialty stores have become one of the fastest growing segments within retail.  Baby Products Retailers, Beauty/Perfume Stores, Electronics Stores, Fabric/Craft Stores, Gift Shops, Health and Wellness Stores, Kitchen Stores, Outdoor Recreation Stores, Pet Stores, Sports Stores, Tobacco Stores and Toy Stores are just a few examples.

Our team can support your efforts to increase sales with point-of-purchase displays, store fixtures, advertising signage, shelf liners, risers, cases, protective covers and more. 

The pictures below represent a sampling of products from custom production runs within each segment listed above.  Most are not available for individual purchase.  Usually a 100 piece minimum order is required for an acrylic fabrication production run. 


  • Baby Products Retailers

    Baby Products Retailers

    Slatwall Bottle Displayer – This slatwall bottle displayer is also able to be used as a counter top display.  It features a CNC machined white Sintra (closed cell, expanded plastic PVC) base to hold product in place and a graphic holder.

  • Beauty/Perfume Stores

    Beauty/Perfume Stores

    Polyfab manufactures a variety of displays to merchandise cosmetics, lip products, nail products and perfumes in both countertop and floor stand styles.  Featured here is a Black Acrylic Custom Brush and Bag Display with product header.

  • Electronic Stores

    Electronic Stores

    Secure displays for countertops, slatwall, gridwall and kiosks as well as protective covers can be fabricated out of Acrylic, PETG or Polycarbonate.  This Acrylic Graphic Riser is designed to secure the Steadicam mount to the base.

  • Fabric and Craft Stores

    Fabric and Craft Stores

    In-shelf signage, shelf dividers, Peg Board Product Shelves, vinyl signage pockets, end-cap displays, and product strips are just some of the products we manufacture.

  • Gift Stores

    Gift Stores

    Tiered Displays, lockable display cases, bulk bins, risers and bakery cases all can be found in gift stores.

  • Health and Wellness Stores

    Health and Wellness Stores

    With so many different products competing for consumers' attention, let Polyfab help your product catch their attention.  The Isagenix Display was designed to showcase a variety of types and sizes of products in an eye-pleasing style while ensuring each product's information was able to be read easily.

  • Kitchen Stores

    Kitchen Stores

    Advertising bases, shelf talkers, Vinyl Advertising Pockets, sign holders and gift card holders are just a few of the store fixtures we have manufactured.

  • Outdoor Recreation Stores

    Outdoor Recreation Stores

    This Clear Acrylic Gun Stand features non-skid pads to support and hold the gun in place.  Other items we can manufacture are scope stands, binocular stands, knife stands, advertising risers for electronics, price tag holders for fishing rods, signage, shelf talkers, gift card holders and metal store fixtures.

  • Pet Stores

    Pet Stores

    Retail POP floor graphics and decals, merchandising strips, gift card holders, shelf talkers, shelf liners, sign holders, bulk bins and Pet Product Displays are examples of types of displays and fixtures Polyfab is able to provide to the Pet Store Market.  The Twigo Dog Tag Display is fabricated from clear Acrylic, uses replaceable product hooks and a graphic decal.

  • Sports Stores

    Sports Stores

    Although designed to securely hold the hockey stick without scratching the paint or print, consumers will be attracted to the product, not the Hockey Stick Display.  That means it is doing its job, helping to sell a product.  Not only do we manufacture product displays, we also provide slatwall shoe shelves, bulk bins, signage and metal displays.

  • Tobacco Stores

    Tobacco Stores

    Custom electronic cigarette displays (e-cig display) and custom cigar displays are manufactured to fit your individual product.  Lockable cases, front access cases, rear access cases, multiple tiers, removable trays for easy replenishment, divided shelves, headers and logo branding are all available options.

  • Toy Stores

    Toy Stores

    The Tiny Love Floor Stand Display is a combination of metal and Sintra, featuring a rolling base and printed header, with room for both hanging objects and shelf space. Polyfab not only manufactures point-of-purchase displays for the toy industry, we also manufacture store fixtures including gift card holders, floor graphics and decals, shelf talkers, merchandise strips, protective product covers, cash wraps, bulk bins, signage and metal fixtures.

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