Retail Department Stores

Polyfab Display Company was established in 1987 with the mission to provide quality custom retail display cases to retailers that were coming into the Mid-Atlantic region.  Today, Polyfab’s client base extends coast to coast.  Primarily a plastic flat sheet, rod and tube fabricator, we are also able to provide metal, wire, injection molded and vacuum formed displays.  Additional services include screen printing; laser cutting, etching and engraving; fulfillment; drop and blind shipping and much more.

Since this category is too large to list everything we do, the pictures below represent a sampling of displays and fixtures for products from custom production runs.  Most are not available for individual purchase.  Usually a 100 piece minimum order is required for a production run.  

  • Promotional Program In Drawer Materials Tray

    Promotional Program In Drawer Materials Tray

    Bloomingdale's came to Polyfab with a need for an in-drawer tray to hold their new promotional material.  This Acrylic divided tray has a product lifter to ensure even the last piece of literature is dispensed without being damaged.

  • Slatwall Bins and T-Bars

    Slatwall Bins and T-Bars

    Every inch of space is valuable within a retail environment.  What better way to maximize space than showcasing product in a vertical fashion on walls or kiosks? This slatwall kiosk features slatwall bins and T-bars to merchandise product.  Please visit our slatwall accessories portfolio page for more examples of product merchandisers.

  • Rotating Jewelry Display

    Rotating Jewelry Display

    Plastic tray inserts with 64 compartments are featured on both sides of this lockable rotating jewelry display with mirrored Acrylic doors.  Jewelry is easily viewed by the customer and easily accessed by store personnel with slide-out trays. 

  • Frosted Acrylic Graphic Riser

    Frosted Acrylic Graphic Riser

    Frosted Acrylic brings elegance into a retail environment.  Here it is being used as a graphic riser.  The graphic panel is attached to the front with magnets.  Just snap off the front panel, insert graphic and snap the front panel back on.  Although it is being used as a shoe riser in this example, custom size risers can be fabricated to showcase any product.

  • Easels


    Polyfab manufactures a wide variety of display easels.  The depth of this easel is suited for use as a handbag easel, a wallet easel or a boxed product, such as coasters.

  • Sign Holders

    Sign Holders

    Sign holders are the staple of every retail store and different styles are required within each department.  Whether your need is for Acrylic, Metal, PETG, Polycarbonate or Vinyl, we can make it for you.  Pictured are shown a sampling of vinyl pockets, sign blocks, fold-over, tent, top load and 2-Tier.  Many other styles such as bottom load, floor stand, gridwall, hanging, peg board, slatwall, standoff and wall mount are a few others you might want to consider.

  • Tiered Wallet Merchandiser

    Tiered Wallet Merchandiser

    Wallets are neatly displayed in a tiered fashion so that the description of every wallet on every level is able to be read easily by the consumer.

  • Frosted Acrylic and Metal Product Displayer

    Frosted Acrylic and Metal Product Displayer

    The beauty of the frosted Acrylic and metal combination allows this display to be used in a multiplicity of retail settings from sophisticated to rugged.  Each hole has been tapped to securely receive the custom-made threaded metal hooks.  Can be used on a counter, on top of a merchandiser or in the middle of a product bin.

  • Clairins Display

    Clairins Display

    Red Acrylic demands the attention of consumers and represents an up-scale perception.  A lot of times the value of a product is determined visually by the display in which it is being merchandised. This display is ready to promote and sell higher-end beauty products.  The display is easily stocked with sliding plexi door panels. 

  • Adjustable Tray

    Adjustable Tray

    With two stationary dividers and three adjustable dividers, compartments can adjusted to accommodate various sized items.  Adjustable trays can be customized to fit in drawers, inside display tables, fit on shelves or sit on a counter.  A broad range of materials, colors and thicknesses can be selected to unite a design theme.

  • 2-Tier Tabletop Riser

    2-Tier Tabletop Riser

    Tiered tabletop risers maximize counter space.  You will find them from two tiers to six tiers, square or rounded, displaying everything from socks, ties, watches, boxed jewelry, apparel, mugs and much more. This unit is designed to ship flat and require minimal set-up within the store.

  • Lead-Generation Pedestal

    Lead-Generation Pedestal

    Getting feedback from your customer is important.  This black ABS pedestal features a weighted base, durable material that is not easily vandalized, locked information box and a sign holder to display a graphic.  Depending on what you want to capture, lead-generation boxes are also known as ballot boxes, suggestion boxes, entry boxes and money boxes.  They can be countertop, floor stand, slatwall or wall mount and fabricated from your choice of materials and colors.