Food Stores

The Food Store Market is diverse, creative, specialized and regulated.  Bakeries, Candy Stores, Convenience Stores, Dining Restaurants, Donut Shops, Fast Food Restaurants, Food Product Manufacturers, Grocery Stores, Hotels, Sandwich Shops, Specialty Food Stores and Wine and Spirits Stores all comprise the Food Store Market.

A variety of plastc fabrication materials, such as, Acrylic, G-grade Plexi (Food safe), ABS, Sintra, High Density Polyethelene, Wire and Metal are used to create enticing, functional, protective and merchandisable displays and fixtures.  Just as food is about taste, colors and presentation, custom food displays and fixtures echo that concept by incorporating colors such as clear, black, white, green, yellow, blue, red, fluorescents, marbles, pearlescent, metallic, mirror and frosts.  
A diverse food market requires a wide-ranging assortment of displays and fixtures such as bakery cases; bottle holders; bulk food bins; condiment holders; covers; cutting boards; drink dispensers; food dispensers; glove holders; gravity-feed bins; lighted stairs; lockable display cases; menu boards; menu holders; organizers for tableware, straws, napkins; restroom stall door signs for advertising; risers; serving trays; sneeze guards; stackable bulk bins; table tents; tiered stands; trays and more.  

The pictures below represent a sampling of products from custom production runs.  Most are not available for individual purchase.  Usually a 100 piece minimum order is required for a production run.  


  • Bakeries


    Food Covers are perfect for highlighting specials or tasting samples and are available in a variety of sizes and styles.  Bakery cases, bins, cupcake displays, cookie cubes, fudge trays, price tag holders, revolving platforms, risers, sign holders, tiered dessert displays and tiered tray stands can all be manufactured here in the USA.  

  • Candy Stores

    Candy Stores

    Sign holders display important information about your products, as seen here with Queen Bee's Graphic Sign Holder.  Other items we custom manufacture for candy stores are candy cases with rear access, front access or both; cutting boards; serving trays; clear Acrylic candy box lids; fudge trays, Plexi blocks for signage; risers; rotating platforms and stackable bulk bins in various sizes.

  • Convenience Stores

    Convenience Stores

    Acrylic Candy Racks and Acrylic Cigarette Racks can be found mounted behind the counters at every convenience store.  Other items fabricated for “C” stores are cash wraps, deli fixtures, food cases, fuel station signage, restroom stall door signs for advertising and in-shelf bulk bins.

  • Dining Restaurants

    Dining Restaurants

    Highlight spirits and wines with a Lighted Bottle Stair Display.  We also manufacture bottle holders, cutting boards, food cases, menu holders, table signs and tents for advertising, table organizers and towers.

  • Fast Food Restaurants

    Fast Food Restaurants

    Polyfab works directly with headquarter and franchise locations in fabricating store fixtures, product displays and special promotion displays.  This Burger King Pie Display went out hundreds of franchises.  Bakery cases, condiment holders, newspaper displays, organizers, restroom stall door signs, straw and napkin holders, table tents and utensil stations are examples of other displays we have produced.

  • Food Product Manufacturer / Distributor

    Food Product Manufacturer / Distributor

    G-grade Plexi, also referred to as food-safe Acrylic, was used to fabricate this Tortilla Shell Displayer to hold packaged shells.  We can help you design a custom display for your next store roll-out for any type of food product (candy, spices, hot sauce, and your product).

  • Grocery Stores

    Grocery Stores

    Floor Stand Wire Tiered Merchandiser, bakery cases, bulk food bins, cake risers, cash wraps, gravity-feed bins, meat case dividers, produce dividers and signage are just some of the many displays and fixtures we manufacture.

  • Hotels


    A Three Gallon Juice Dispenser with a removable ice container is one of many styles available. Combination drink and cereal dispenses, tray cabinets, cereal box dispensers, condiment holders and bakery cases are other products we can provide.

  • Sandwich Shops

    Sandwich Shops

    Tableware, napkins, cups, lids, straws, sticks, stirrers, creamers and sweeteners can all be neatly kept in these Black Organizers, which can be customized in any configuration to fit your self service station. Glove holders, cookie cubes as well as table tents and sign holders for advertising are among other hand-fabricated displays.

  • Specialty Stores

    Specialty Stores

    There are so many specialty stores in the Food Market: bread stores, cheese and wine stores, coffee shops, gourmet food stores, ice cream shops and pickle stores, just to name a few. Polyfab has you covered with displays and fixtures such as Bottle and Syrup Holders, bulk bins, coffee dispensers, condiment and utensil stations, cone holders, cutting boards, food cases, food covers, menu display boards, price tag holders, serving boards and more.

  • Wine and Spirits Stores

    Wine and Spirits Stores

    This Hennessy 2-Tier Counter Display features a screen-printed logo and access from both sides.  A lockable case version is another popular choice. Advertising signage for shelves, products, floor and ceiling is also available.  Lighted stairs is definitely an eye-catcher. 

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