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Now that your product is about to be launched, how do you make sure that it stands out from the rest?  Maybe you are looking to refresh your image.  Either way, a successful product launch or developing a new image entails lots of research, advertising and marketing.  You may have even hired a professional company to walk you through the process.  Once the launch has been mapped out, the execution process follows.

That is where Polyfab Display Company comes into the picture.  Over the last 25+ years, we have helped product manufacturers and distributors brand their displays and fixtures to draw in the consumer and stop competitors from using their merchandisers.  We have also helped companies, brand design consultants and financial centers execute the image reinvention to help increase market share through manufacturing custom signage, displays and fixtures.

The pictures below represent products from custom production runs.  Most are not available for individual purchase.  Usually a 100 piece minimum order is required for a production run.


  • 2-sided Printed Display Header

    2-sided Printed Display Header

    Your metal floor-stand display can capture the attention of consumers with a 2-sided screen printed display header.  Here the Tiny Love Logo was screen printed on a custom shaped PVC header and displayed in a custom fabricated metal header mount.

  • Company Logo

    Company Logo

    CNC machined letters are glued on top of each other to create a 2-D effect in this company logo update.  2025 Black Acrylic letters are mounted on top of 7328 White Acrylic letters.

  • Digital Screen Print on Second Surface

    Digital Screen Print on Second Surface

    Digital Printing on the second surface is the perfect choice for this display.  The image pops through the Acrylic and does not scratch off with the handling of the product.  Digital Printing is cost effective as it allows multiple colors to be printed without the costs of screens and it produces sharp, vibrant colors.

  • European Wax Center

    European Wax Center

    Creating a welcoming environment while conveying your service is easily accomplished with this pin-mounted logo. 

  • Header


    Seasonal promotions, product highlights, branding or re-purposing a display is quick and easy with the use of a sign holder as your header.  Just print out your message and slide it into the holder.  Since your message can be seen from both sides, make sure to print out two graphics or print out two different ones to showcase different products on each side.

  • Laser Engraving

    Laser Engraving

    Laser engraving brings an elegant etched look to any display or plaque.  Color can be added to the engraving to fit your unique style.

  • Screen Printing

    Screen Printing

    Screen printing or silk screening is a popular way to brand your custom display. Logos or messages from one to five colors can be printed on Acrylic, Sintra (PVC), PETG, Polycarbonate or Styrene.  Screen printing is a great option for production runs of 100 pieces and larger.

  • Vinyl Decal

    Vinyl Decal

    Vinyl decals and lettering are most often used on smaller custom production runs of 50 to 100 displays or fixtures, which is perfect for your test rollout.

  • Modern Sophisticated Image Update

    Modern Sophisticated Image Update

    Reinvention of your image is accomplished in a variety of techniques.  The use of frosted Acrylic in the signage program brings a modern, fresh, sophisticated look.

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