Polyfab manufactures quality custom acrylic and metal products for doctors’ offices, hospitals, laboratories and pharmacies.  Custom bins, lab trays,  pipette holders, book racks, clip boards, dispensers, holders, lockable cases, POP displays, product informational displays, shields, signage and trays are fabricated with approved materials.

The pictures below represent a sampling of products from custom production runs.  Most are not available for individual purchase.  Usually a 100 piece minimum order is required for a production run.  


  • Injection Molded Product Information Cube

    Injection Molded Product Information Cube

    This durable injection molded cube provides information on ADHD in a fun, customer friendly way.

  • Glove Holder

    Glove Holder

    Custom holders available for medical and surgical gloves can be mounted with screws, tape or magnets to fit any application.

  • Wipes Holder

    Wipes Holder

    The wipes holder and be mounted with screws, tape or magnets, freeing up valuable counter space.  Glove and tissue holders also available.

  • Omega 3 Display

    Omega 3 Display

    This custom product display incorporated the look of the Omega symbol to help advertise the Omega 3 supplement.  Since the actual product was being displayed, Polyfab designed the unit to be securely viewed without being able to be removed. Product information sheets are displayed behind the supplement.

  • Opedix Merchandiser

    Opedix Merchandiser

    A custom floor-stand merchandiser was required to display and inform customers about Opedix's knee support apparel. Polyfab designed this unit to be easily portable, merchandisable from 2 sides, removable panel can hide stock or display more product, mannequin attaches to display the product and the video monitor is securely encased with customer ease of use to learn the advantages of the product.

  • Pippetor Case

    Pippetor Case

    Polyfab's custom fabrication shop allows us to manufacture a variety of custom holders for laboratory tools and instruments.  This pippetor case can be used on a counter, wall mounted or magnets can be applied for metal areas.

  • Tool Tester

    Tool Tester

    Computerized CNC machining produced the close-tolerance accuracy required for this tool tester.  The color-coated painted corner hole designates the type and starting point.  If it does not fit in the hole, it is rejected.

  • Wound Care Solution Bracket

    Wound Care Solution Bracket

    Custom sized mounting brackets are designed and manufactured to hold a variety of solutions such as wound care. Our design team can help you develop the perfect mounts for poles, beds or home use.   

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