Accessories & Cosmetics Displays

Accessories and Cosmetics are an important part of our everyday lives.  Getting your product noticed can be somewhat of a challenge.  That is where Polyfab can help. 

We work with small start-up companies, distributors and retailers of all sizes.  We can manufacture a cosmetic display you currently are using or we can help design a custom display to fit your product and the environment in which it will be sold. This protfolio is only a sampling of our: 

  • bracelet displays
  • clothing displays
  • cosmetic displays
  • earring displays
  • eyewear displays
  • handbag displays
  • headband displays
  • jewelry displays
  • necklace displays
  • shoe displays
  • sock displays
  • sunglass displays
  • tiara displays
  • tie displays
  • tote displays
  • wallet displays
  • many other types of accessories

Accessories & Cosmetics Displays

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  • Rotating Countertop Display

    Rotating Countertop Display

    These countertop spinner displays are fabricated from expanded PVC, also known as Sintra or Komatex, and are available in many different colors. This material provides a budget friendly option while still displaying your merchandise in class. You can customize this display to fit your product and you can choose from a variety of hook options.

  • Mangiacotti Hand Lotion Display

    Mangiacotti Hand Lotion Display

    Mangiacotti asked for a custom Acrylic tiered display for their bottled hand lotion. We were able to custom fit this display to their bottle and ensure that all the desired information was able to be seen in each tier. Screen printing was added to draw attention to their products, which are mde in the U.S.A. by the organization Road to Responsibility which employs  disabled citizens. 

  • Cindab Display

    Cindab Display

    This rotating Acrylic countertop POP display is eye-catching, has brand identification, shows their products and tells their motto all while displaying their popular merchandise. Proudly, each and every Cinda B product is made right here in the U.S.A., including their display. 

  • Double-Sided Peg Hook Display

    Double-Sided Peg Hook Display

    This rotating, two sided display features peg hooks for hanging necklaces, bracelets and other jewelry and accessories. Can be customized to include any number of hooks and any spacing requirements. Shown made from black ABS, a budget-friendly yet attractive material option.

  • Headband And Tiara Display

    Headband And Tiara Display

    Impulse purchase made easy with this Acrylic countertop headband and or tiara display. This headband/tiara display shows them off in style while keeping them organized. Display can be adapted to fit on slatwall and to fit cuff bracelets. 

  • Nordstrom Accessory Display

    Nordstrom Accessory Display

    1/2" thick clear Acrylic buffed to a high gloss makes this display shine. Adding the material covered pad inserted in the display adds class and value to the showcased accessories. The pad is removable for easy cleaning.

  • Cosmetic Display

    Cosmetic Display

    Custom Acrylic Cosmetic Display for lip gloss with sign holder. And by the way . . . if you are looking to purchase great lip gloss, check out Haughty. 50% of net profits from the sale of Haughty products go to domestic violence prevention education. 

  • Two-Tier Acrylic Cosmetic Display

    Two-Tier Acrylic Cosmetic Display

    This custom 2-Tier cosmetic display was designed to display a variety of eye shadow, blush, concealer, and eye pencil samples. The design can be customized to perfectly fit your product, display any number of products on multiple levels, include a screen-printed logo or feature a header or sign holder for advertisements. 

  • Adjustable Tray

    Adjustable Tray

    This adjustable tray allows you to store a variety of sizes of objects such as jewelry, cosmetics, office supplies, scrap booking supplies, stickers, socks, beads, craft supplies and much more. Available in clear Acrylic or a variety of other colors. 

  • Locking Top-Opening Tray Cases

    Locking Top-Opening Tray Cases

    These locking trays keep your valuables and jewelry safe while displaying and moving. Can be customized to your specifications and angled for better viewing.

  • Four-Step Tilted Flanged Stairs

    Four-Step Tilted Flanged Stairs

    The shelves of these stairs are angled back for easy viewing of boxed or packaged items. Shipped fully assembled. 

  • Four-Step Flanged Stairs

    Four-Step Flanged Stairs

    The front-edge lip on these stairs makes them good for displaying boxed or packaged items. Shipped fully assembled. 

  • Build-Your-Own Bin Systems

    Build-Your-Own Bin Systems

    Each system is made up of two endpieces and your choice of divided trays. Choose from two to six tiers and one to six compartments per tier. 

  • Watch Display

    Watch Display

    These single watch displays can be made in a variety of colors and styles. They can feature varying base heights and shapes and can display your watches vertically or horizontally. The display space can be made wider or narrower to provide the best fit for your watch bands or to display multiple watches or bracelets on one cuff.

  • Double Locking Tower

    Double Locking Tower

    This rotating case features a locking door on each side for easy access to your products. The angled shelves are perfect for displaying ring boxes, watch cuffs, or any other boxed accessory. The dimensions are fully customizable to fit your display needs. 

  • Clutch Bag Display

    Clutch Bag Display

    Great for displaying wallets, clutch bags, and other soft goods. Spaces are 2 1/2" apart. 

  • Necklace And Bracelet Bar Displays

    Necklace And Bracelet Bar Displays

    These round T-bar necklace and bracelet displays are available in a variety of sizes and feature polished and beveled bases. More than one bar can be included on a base and at different heights, depending on your needs and preferences. All T-bars feature endcaps to keep jewelry from sliding off. Also available in a tiered design to feature many bracelets on one display.

  • One-Piece Necklace Displays

    One-Piece Necklace Displays

    These easel-style necklace displays can hold single or multiple necklaces and can also include holes for displaying matching earrings. The shape of the display can be customized to your style preference and can be made from clear, black, frosted, or even mirrored Acrylic.

  • Earring Card Cases

    Earring Card Cases

    Available in either locking or open styles, these double-sided rotating displays hold earring or small jewelry cards. The mirrored Acrylic side panels accent this sleek display. Can be customized to display any number of jewelry cards.

  • Six-Frame Displays

    Six-Frame Displays

    Freestanding displays for six eyewear frames; available in clear or white.

  • J-Shelf Frame Rests

    J-Shelf Frame Rests

    J-style shelves on square rods and acrylic bases are available in single and multiple frame styles.

  • Shoe Ribbon

    Shoe Ribbon

    Supports women's strapped high-heels for display.

  • Three-Tier Nail Polish Display

    Three-Tier Nail Polish Display

    Angled shelves enable sliding-feed for polish bottles up to 4" tall. Each shelf has 6 slots. Space between shelves is 3".

  • Nail Polish Holders

    Nail Polish Holders

    Countertop nail polish displays are available in either metal or Acrylic. These can be customized to fit whatever quantity you desire to display. A variety of color trays are available. Screen printing can be added to identify your brand.

  • Round Beveled Glass Mirrors

    Round Beveled Glass Mirrors

    Available in many popular sizes, this round beveled glass mirror lays flat on countertops. Try using it to highlight collectibles or fine wines.

  • Acrylic Countertop Mirrors

    Acrylic Countertop Mirrors

    Available in rectangle or oval, these upright countertop mirrors will help you show off your best merchandise.

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