Bulk Food

Polyfab Display Company manufacturers a wide assortment of standard and custom containers for merchandising bulk food.  Shown below are examples of bulk bins, stackable bins, bins with pivot doors, organizers, tubes and dispensers.  We are  here to help you with your bulk food display needs. 

  • Stackable Bulk Bins

    Stackable Bulk Bins

    Each bin is sold separately and can be used individually or stacked on top of each other to maximize space.  You can stack them in the graduated style as shown or you can stack the same size bins on top of each other.  Versatality is the key word with these stackable acrylic bulk food bins.

  • Stackable Pivot Bulk Bins

    Stackable Pivot Bulk Bins

    Stackable pivot bins are ideal for merchandising bagged bulk food, as shown in this photo.  They come standard in three sizes, however custom sizes are an option.  The pull-open acrylic bins have an integrated easy-grip handle.  

  • Mini Stackable Bulk Bin

    Mini Stackable Bulk Bin

    Mini stackable acrylic bulk bins work well for candy, ice-cream toppings and other small food items.  

  • Bulk Candy Bins with Tethered Scoop

    Bulk Candy Bins with Tethered Scoop

    Clear acrylic bulk candy bins come in three convenenient configurations to fit your individual foodservice needs.  All bins come with a 5 ounce metal scoop and black tether.  You can choose either top, bottom or side scoop-styles.  

  • Boot-Style Organizer

    Boot-Style Organizer

    Clear acrylic boot-style organizers hold sweetners, creamers or packaged goods.  Side pocket for stir sticks or straws.  Removable top platform neatly contains cups and lids.  

  • Bulk Food Bins

    Bulk Food Bins

    Bulk food bins are great for holding candies, cereals, nuts, pet treats and more. The middle display has a false front which can be filled to show product even if the bin has been sold-out. Tethered and untethered scoops are also available.

  • Acrylic Canisters - Angled Cut or Straight Top

    Acrylic Canisters - Angled Cut or Straight Top

    Bulk food acrylic canisters are available in either an angled-cut top or a straight-cut top.  The straight-top cut includes a lid.  Multiple sizes are available . 

  • Upright Bulk Food Bins

    Upright Bulk Food Bins

    When counter space is at a premium, triple your display size by expanding upward. Our upright bulk food bins have hinged, flip-up lids. Removable bins are seated upon a contoured, laser-cut acrylic stand. Includes 3 suction cup hooks and 3 white scoops. 

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