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Food service requires the use of many props, displays and utensils.  Cutting boards, domed food covers, drape form trays, fudge trays, ice cream cone holders, serving trays, tray stands and tray towers are just some of the necessary components within food service.

  • Small Sample Tasting Cover

    Small Sample Tasting Cover

    This small cover might be compact, but it is perfect for covering over a small sampler plate.  

  • Food Cover With Base

    Food Cover With Base

    Our domed food cover comes in three popular sizes. White bases are made of 1/2" - thick, FDA & USDA approved, High Density Polyethylene Plastic. Each base has a grooved channel for secure seating of the domed lid. Domes come with stainless steel knob. 

  • Ice Cream Cone Holder with Guard

    Ice Cream Cone Holder with Guard

    Five sugar cones or waffle cones sit behind a protective cover.  

  • 3 Tier Tray Stand

    3 Tier Tray Stand

    Clear acrylic tray stand sets up in seconds.  Holds three 14 x 10 molded trays, which are included.  Folds flat to help you save costs in shipping.  

  • 4-Tier Tray Tower

    4-Tier Tray Tower

    Acrylic tray tower has 8 inches of space between each tier.  Also available in 3 tiers and 5 tiers.  Ships flat, so some assembly is required.  

  • Bakery Cabinet Trays

    Bakery Cabinet Trays

    Heavy-duty working trays are made of tough material suitable for repeated handling and washing.  Molded feet and textured tray bottom.  Available in two sizes, 10 x 14 and 13 x 18.  Logo stamping on bottom of tray is available on quantities of 50 or more.  

  • Fudge Tray and Riser

    Fudge Tray and Riser

    Sturdy tray delivers extra support.  Flip it over to create a four-sided riser.  Two uses for the price of one.  Now that is a bargain!

  • Acrylic Fudge Tray

    Acrylic Fudge Tray

    You will find many uses for this Acrylic tray. Holds fudge, cookies, chocolates, candies and more. 

  • Drape Form Tray

    Drape Form Tray

    Need to add a little flair to your setting?  This drape form tray is available in two different sizes.  

  • FDA and USDA Approved Cutting Boards

    FDA and USDA Approved Cutting Boards

    Cutting boards are FDA & USDA approved, are stain resistant, color coded to eliminate cross contamination, will not dull knives and are warp resistant.  Red cutting board is for raw meat, white cutting board is for dairy and the blue cutting board is for fish.  These are also available in green for produce, yellow for poultry and brown for cooked meat.  

  • Commercial Grade Cutting Boards

    Commercial Grade Cutting Boards

    Our 1/2" - thick, commercial grade cutting boards are available in two styles and in three popular sizes. Boards are two-sided, with a routed channel on one side and solid surface on second face. Made of textured, dishwasher safe, High Density Polyethelene, our boards come in six colors to meet HACCP cross-contamination guidelines. Choose from solid cutting board or serving-style with cutout handle.  Please specify color. 

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