In the food industry, you cannot function without a dispenser of some sort.  Polyfab has a  wide assortment of dispensers for baked goods, bread, bulk food, candy, cereal, coffee, creamers, drinks, packets and more.  The pictures below represent a selected sampling of some of the dispensers that are available.

  • Straw Dispenser

    Straw Dispenser

    Acrylic dispenser is sized for straws and is designed to dispense one straw at a time.  Stir stick dispensers and toothpick dispensers are also available.

  • Toothpick Dispenser

    Toothpick Dispenser

    Toothpick dispenser is designed to dispense one toothpick at a time.  Straw dispensers and stir stick dispensers are also available.

  • Bulk Cereal Dispenser

    Bulk Cereal Dispenser

    Bulk cereal dispenser features a spring-loaded door and funnel system to allow bowls to be filled easily and neatly.  A portion control dispenser option also available that measures approximately 1 3/4 cups.  

  • Cereal Box Rack

    Cereal Box Rack

    Three shelves hold approximately 45 single serving breakfast cereal boxes. Shelves are angled for easy access and visibility.

  • Rotating Cereal Tubes

    Rotating Cereal Tubes

    Holds four different cereals in angle-topped tubes. Each tube has an attached handle and hinged lid. Rotating lazy-Susan base is constructed of contrasting black acrylic.

  • 3-Gallon Juice Dispenser

    3-Gallon Juice Dispenser

    Three-gallon juice dispenser with removable ice container keeps drinks cool all day long.  The inner ice tube holds one-half bag of ice, which chills milk or juice without diluting.  Add ice throughout the day to prolong cooling time.  

  • Coffee Bean Dispenser

    Coffee Bean Dispenser

    Top loading dispenser has a spring-loaded door that closes when released.  This versatile dispenser is perfect for not only coffee beans, but also for legumes, cereals and bulk grains.  

  • Gravity Feed Bulk Dispenser

    Gravity Feed Bulk Dispenser

    Available in three sizes, top lid lifts for filling and front lid opens for customer access.  White scoop and suction cup hanger included with each.  Many other styles are available which include features such as false fronts or display fronts, hinged tops and multiple compartments side by side.

  • Open top gravity feed bulk dispensers

    Open top gravity feed bulk dispensers

    Open top gravity-feed bulk dispenser, available as a single unit, double unit or quadruple unit.  

  • Condiment Holder

    Condiment Holder

    Keep your food accessories neatly all in one place. Holds cups, lids, stirrers, packets for sugar/creamer/salt/pepper, napkins and other items. Can be customized to fit your needs. 

  • Lid Dispenser

    Lid Dispenser

    This Acrylic lid dispenser is stylish with its waved front panels. Is there another design you would like to use? 

  • Spring-Loaded Food Dispenser

    Spring-Loaded Food Dispenser

    This two-tier spring loaded displayer keeps your packaged goods up front and upright. The light tensioner will not crush the product as the packages advance. 

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