Easels / Risers / Towers

Acrylic easels, risers and towers are fabricated in so many different sizes, shapes and styles.  So many, in fact, that we definitely cannot show them all here.  The pictures below are just a sampling of types of acrylic risers, acrylic easels and acrylic towers to help you think about your style.  Give us a call and we will see if we can manufacture your idea.

  • Tea Center

    Tea Center

    The tea center tower has three removable tea trays attached.

  • Lighted Stairs

    Lighted Stairs

    Lighted stairs is a great way to showcase fine wines and spirits to entice customer sales.  Available in two different sizes.

  • Interlocking Stair Display

    Interlocking Stair Display

    This interlocking stair display is fabricated from 3/8'' thick clear Acrylic, making it sturdy to hold a variety of items such as mugs, gift packages and cupcakes . . . .  .yum.  

  • Interlocking Disk Riser

    Interlocking Disk Riser

    Interlocking disc riser ship unassembled, but quickly slide together to form a beautiful eye-catching tower.  Available in a variety of sizes and in three shelves or four shelves.

  • Acrylic Risers

    Acrylic Risers

    Risers can be fabricated in all different sizes, shapes and materials.  "Moon" risers and "Triple Twist" pedestals are sure to highlight your food and WOW your customers to another world.  

  • Acrylic Platforms

    Acrylic Platforms

    More examples of acrylic risers with these in the shape of a fish tail, a corner turn and a tray pedestal.

  • Acrylic Interlocking Pedestal

    Acrylic Interlocking Pedestal

    Two-piece interlocking pedestals can be used with a variety of shelves and platforms to create display space.  

  • Tray Towers

    Tray Towers

    These three, four, and five-tiered towers have 8" of space between each tier. Shipped unassembled. 

  • Cone Pedestal

    Cone Pedestal

    Ice cream cone riser pedestal holds 4 cones.

  • Lucite Cake Platter

    Lucite Cake Platter

    Serve your cake or cupcakes in style! This cake stand can be personalized. Your personalized paper is protected between two pieces of Acrylic and will not get messy …even if the kids do! 

  • Table Tents

    Table Tents

    Polyfab manufacturers a variety of table tent style sign holders. Screen-printing is available for company or product identification. 

  • Two Sided Easel

    Two Sided Easel

    This Acrylic two-sided easel is great for displaying boxed candies, boxed cards, portraits, tiles and many other items. 

  • Acrylic Sign Easels And Blocks

    Acrylic Sign Easels And Blocks

    Acrylic sign easels, blocks and clips are available in different sizes and thicknesses to fit your needs. Whether you are looking to hold price tags in the bakery department, art work at a gallery or maybe name plates at a reception, we will make the right holder for you. 

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