Food Cases

Food cases feature multiple level trays, flat or angled fronts, rear access door, front-opening self-service door, combination of both rear access and front self-service doors, with or without bases and branding options.  Cases shown here are just some of the options available.  Please give us a call to order your bakery case or acrylic food case.

  • Acrylic Food Cases

    Acrylic Food Cases

  • Three-Tray Angled Front Cabinet

    Three-Tray Angled Front Cabinet

    Two different sizes will accommondate either 10 x 14 trays or 13 x 18 trays, which are included.  You can select from rear-opening door only or both a rear-opening door and a front self-service door.    

  • Wide Three-Tray Cabinet

    Wide Three-Tray Cabinet

    This wide bakery case cabinet holds three 10 x 14 or 13 x 18 trays.  Trays are included. Select either a rear  door access or rear door plus front opening self service door.  

  • Queen Bee Gardens Candy Case

    Queen Bee Gardens Candy Case

    Queen Bee Gardens needed a custom acrylic candy case.  A rear access case with their logo screen printed on the front was designed to hold two trays.  

  • Wide double tray cabinet

    Wide double tray cabinet

    The slanted front on the wide double-tray cabinet gives visibility to two 10 x 14 or 13 x 18 trays.  Choose from rear door access or rear door plus front-opening self-service door.  Trays are included.

  • Six Tray Bakery Case

    Six Tray Bakery Case

    For larger service areas, this six-tray bakery case fits the bill.  The front-opening case has two hinged doors with stainless stell handles.  Holds six 13 x 18 trays on slanted shelves for best visibility.  Six trays are included with the tray.  Six trays give you the flexibility to merchandise donuts, muffins, cookies, fudge, bagels or any combination all in the same case.  

  • Angled Front Single Tray Cabinet

    Angled Front Single Tray Cabinet

    The angled front of this cabinet is top-hinged for front access, and holds one 13 x 18 tray, which is included.  Great for bread, rolls and baked goods.  

  • Front Access Bakery Case

    Front Access Bakery Case

    Front access bakery case with three trays to hold muffins, donuts, cupcakes, cookies, scones, fudge and your specialty desserts.    

  • Cookie Cube

    Cookie Cube

    This custom cookie cube has a screen printed logo. The removable shelves slide out making restocking easy. The hinged door on the back helps to keep the cookies fresh and accessible by employees only. Great for restaurants, convenience stores, and specialty shops.