Misc. Food Displays

Polyfab has designed and manufactured thousands of food displays over the last 25+ years.  The pictures below are just a sampling of some of the custom displays we have fabricated.  Keep checking back for more examples each month and do not forget to give us a call at 703-497-4577 with your next roll-out.

  • Acrylic Candy Rack

    Acrylic Candy Rack

    Acrylic Candy Rack, wallmount. Great for convenience stores and movie theatres. This unit was designed for Stop & Shop supermarkets. Can also be used as a counter top display. 

  • Candy Express Sign Holder

    Candy Express Sign Holder

    This Acrylic sign holder designed for Candy Express features a literature pocket. 

  • Health Product Display Case

    Health Product Display Case

    This attractive custom display has a black Acrylic base, clear Acrylic shelves and top, and is secured with a lock. This custom display was designed so that each product's information is clearly visible. It can be used on a counter or on a shelf and can be customized to fit your products. 

  • Custom Acrylic Signage

    Custom Acrylic Signage

    These customized signs are part of a line of signage developed for a Ukrop's store-wide design. Great for bakery department, delicatessen, fresh seafood department, floral department, pharmacy, meat-case dividers, produce dividers, restaurants and more.

  • Counter Top Dessert Display

    Counter Top Dessert Display

    This Acrylic counter top dessert display was designed to hold individual pie wedges for Burger King. It can be customized to fit your product display needs. Great for fast food restaurants, convenience stores and specialty shops. 

  • Sauce Bottle Display

    Sauce Bottle Display

    This image shows two different sauce bottle displays, a literature holder and a red Acrylic box. 

  • Recipe Card Box

    Recipe Card Box

    This Acrylic recipe card box had a hinged lid and a recipe card holder. Can be customized in a variety of colors. 

  • Pie Holder

    Pie Holder

    This Acrylic display is customized to hold boxed pies. Great for fast food restaurants, convenience stores, and specialty shops. 

  • Tortilla Shell Displayer

    Tortilla Shell Displayer

    Acrylic Tortilla Shell Display to hold packaged tortillas. Can be customized to fit your product, include a sign holder, or be screen printed. 

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