Literature Display Stands

HOLDERS FOR: Bookmarks, Brochures, Cards, Lead-Generation Forms, Literature, Maps, Newspapers, Recipe Cards, Signs, Stationery and MUCH MORE. These holders can be countertop, wallmount, slatwall, top load, bottom load, side load, slantback, freestanding, screen printed, tiered, knockdown, clear, colored, Acrylic, PETG, ABS, Sintra . . . THE CHOICE IS LIMITLESS.

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  • Sign Holders

    Sign holders are available in top load, bottom load, slant back, slatwall, wallmount, free-standing, peg board and standoffs.  

  • Brochure Holders

    Do you need to get printed brochure out to potential customers to inform them of your product, to advertise your event or promote a vacation spot?  Polyfab  will work with you to help you display whatever size and number of brochures in an oranized, easy to read holder.

  • Books / Publications

    Easels, racks, sleds and shelves are custom made to fit your book and publication needs.

  • Boxes

    Ballot boxes, boxes, lead-generation boxes, recipe cards and prayer cards are just a few types of boxes manufactured. 

  • Racks

    Racks are a valuable asset to retail as it maximizes space.  Whether you need a floor-stand rack, countertop rack or a wallmount rack, we can manufacture a perfect POP display for you to FIT your product.  Just give us a call.  

  • Vinyl

    Die Cut Vinyl products are perfect in situations where low cost solutions are necessary.  Protected face pockets, refrigerator frames, wobblers, shovel sign holders, shelf dividers, literature pockets and c-channels strips are just some of our popular items.