Books / Publications

Polyfab manufactures a wide variety of displays for books, maps, magazines and other print media.  

  • Cookbook Holder

    Cookbook Holder

    Protective front shield keeps cookbooks clean.  Angled for optimal viewing.

  • Laid-Back Book Easel

    Laid-Back Book Easel

    Laid-back book easel is a versatle  display to showcase open books, closed books and soft goods, such as shirts and ties.  

  • Tilted Open Book Display

    Tilted Open Book Display

    The tilted open book display is an attractive display piece that holds books open so that its pages lay flat at a good viewing angle.

  • Slatwall Book Shelf

    Slatwall Book Shelf

    Slatwall J-Book Shelf features a rod glued on the back to allow the shelf to tilt back slightly when mounted on the slatwall.  Custom depths, heights, lip heights with or without the bar can be manuactured to fit your book like a sleeve.  Also hold DVD movies, comic books and other media.

  • Acrylic In-Shelf Book Display

    Acrylic In-Shelf Book Display

    In-shelf book displayer helps to showcase your books. The front can be screen-printed with your company logo or a sign holder could be added to change out promotional advertisements or to highlight a series.

  • Library Book Cart

    Library Book Cart

    This Three Level Library Book Cart is not just for libraries. Book stores, grocery stores and other retail stores can use a book display rack to feature specials on books, magazines, and DVDs. You can customize your book rack to a single sided book rack or a double sided book rack with as many shelves as you need. Rack toppers are also available to display signage. Magnetic sign holders and magnetic literature holders are also available for the ends of the cart to showcase posters, distribute product information or for identification.

  • Free-Standing Newspaper Display

    Free-Standing Newspaper Display

    Portable three-tier newspaper display rack features a header for advertisement, a newspaper header pocket to catch attention by displaying headlining events, extra removable pockets for additional display space, screen-printed logos and wheels for easily moving the stands in and out of retail spaces. Perfect for airports, bookstores, cafes and other venues. Available in Acrylic or PETG. This display was customized for Dow Jones.

  • Countertop Newspaper Display

    Countertop Newspaper Display

    Countertop newspaper rack, magazine rack, periodical rack, tabloid rack display with storage. Great for gift shops, restaurants, convenience stores, hotels, airports and your location.