Acrylic Slatwall Accessories

When it comes to retail space, why not take advantage of your vertical options? Maximizing your retail space in today’s economy means not just using the floor space but also using your walls. Slatwall is available in many colors and styles to create the perfect ambiance. Slatwall fixtures can also be used to maximize your floor space.

Once you have selected your slatwall and slatwall fixtures, you will need slatwall displays. Our portfolio showcases a selection of slat wall displays that we manufacture. Here you will find • slatwall bins for bulk items • slatwall shelves for cards, mugs, eyewear, boxed products, coasters, DVDs, books and more • slatwall literature holders • slatwall stationery racks • slatwall trays • slatwall sign and poster holders • slatwall hosiery bins • slatwall headband displays • slatwall bracelet displays • slatwall waterfalls for clothing • slatwall clothes and scarf hangers • slatwall Acrylic mirrors • slatwall jewelry displays • slatwall secure displays • and much more.

As a manufacturer of slatwall displays, we can customize a slat wall display specifically for your product. Many of the displays you see are also available for gridwall or pegboard.

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  • Slatwall Accessories Holders

    Slatwall Accessories Holders

    Slatwall accessory holders for brochures, flyers, posters, signage, stamps, cards, boxes, guides, maps, bulletins, directories, envelopes, stationery, tax forms and many other non-literature items. 
  • Slatwall Acrylic Divided Bin Display

    Slatwall Acrylic Divided Bin Display

    Divided bin display has four removable dividers to provide adjustable compartments in this angled-front bin display. Available in virtually any size with any number of compartments!
  • Slatwall Shelves

    Slatwall Shelves

    Slatwall shelves are available in a variety of sizes and styles straight, angled, or flat, and with or without braces or lips. Also ask about economy pricing on injection-molded shelves. 
  • Slatwall J-Shelves

    Slatwall J-Shelves

    J-shelves are available in a variety of sizes and can feature end caps to fully enclose your products, back spacers to tilt the front up, or angled bottoms.

  • Slatwall Trays

    Slatwall Trays

    Slatwall trays are available in a large variety of sizes and are great for holding small jewelry, cosmetics, office supplies, scrap booking supplies, craft supplies, small toys, boxed items, balloons, pet toys and DVDs. Trays can be made from clear Acrylic or a variety of other colors and can be angled down or have low fronts for easy viewing and access.

  • Slatwall Paper Tray

    Slatwall Paper Tray

    This slatwall paper tray is designed to hold a ream of 8 ½ X 11 paper at a 20-degree angle for easy viewing. The front lip is notched for convenient access and removal of a sheet of paper. 

  • Slatwall Literature Holders

    Slatwall Literature Holders

    Literature holders are available in a variety of sizes and styles. They can be customized to hold tri-fold brochures, half or full sheet papers, postcards, or magazines. Can also feature a flexible slanted front panel to securely hold your materials and be flat mounting or have a back piece to angle out.

  • Multi-Pocket Literature Holders

    Multi-Pocket Literature Holders

    Multi-pocket displays are available for a variety of literature items to include brochures, full and half-sheet papers, post cards and magazines. Can be designed to feature any number of pockets and in vertical or horizontal styles.
  • Acrylic Slatwall Frame

    Acrylic Slatwall Frame

    This folded Acrylic frame is available in many dimensions to fit virtually any insert, ranging from notecard to poster size!

  • Slatwall Necklace Bar

    Slatwall Necklace Bar

    These t-bar or rod pegs are perfect for displaying not only necklaces, but bracelets, scarves, ties, purses, and much more! These bars also have end caps to keep products from sliding off on their own.

  • Earring Card Display

    Earring Card Display

    These j-hook style earring card displays are perfect for organizing any number of earring or small jewelry cards. Can be customized to perfectly fit your size cards and display needs.

  • Slatwall Eyewear Displays

    Slatwall Eyewear Displays

    There are many options for displaying eyewear on slatwall. Choose from a saddle design to hold any number of individual closed frames, an open frame design with a rest for the nose piece and sidepieces to allow the frame to be displayed in an open position, or a simple flat or angled shelf to display single or multiple frames.

  • Slatwall Handbag Displays

    Slatwall Handbag Displays

    These displays are perfect for displaying handbags or clutch bags, as well as books or boxed merchandise. Available in a single display design or a tiered design to display multiple products at once.

  • Slatwall End Pieces

    Slatwall End Pieces

    Use these slatwall brackets to create a display for any variable-length item, such as wrapping paper, by arranging the items within the end pieces. Sold by the pair.

  • Slatwall Easels

    Slatwall Easels

    Easels for slatwall are available in a variety of sizes and can be customized to best fit your display needs. Display your artwork, handbags, pictures, collector plates, tiles, clocks, coins, medallions, signage, bowls, boxes, packaged shirts, and much more!

  • Slatwall Acrylic Oval Mirror

    Slatwall Acrylic Oval Mirror

    Acrylic oval mirror for slatwall. Available in ix 9" high x 6" wide or 12" high by 9" wide.