Standard Countertop Acrylic Displays

We provide Sign Holders, Brochure Holders, Acrylic Display Cases, Acrylic Accessory Displays, Acrylic Cosmetic Displays, Stationery Displays, and more!

The gallery below shows just a small sampling of quality countertop Acrylic display cases and other displays we have created over the years here in Woodbridge, Virginia.

Common countertop displays include sign holders, literature holders, risers; stairstep or tiered countertop displays; locking countertop display trays; easels; acrylic blocks and Christmas ornament displays.

Literature or paper display holders for items such as greeting cards, stationery, brochures, or even multiple business cards (such as for a large office) also fall under this category. And don’t forget, we can add branding to just about any display unit.

If you do not see what you are looking for or want something altered to fit your needs, do not worry.  We are a custom Acrylic countertop display manufacturer, so we can customize almost any standard display unit to your specific needs.

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  • Sign Holders

    Sign Holders

    Advertising, advertising, advertising. We manufacture just about any type of sign and literature holder you could want.

  • Stackable Bins

    Stackable Bins

    Capitalize on precious space with these stackable bins. These can be used alone or together, with or without lids. Scoops are also available. Great for small candies, bulk foods, screws, small tools, erasers and thousands of other items. Great for capturing impulse purchases.

  • Risers


    Risers are available in many styles, materials and colors. Great for showcasing your collectibles, optimizing retail space and helping your product stand above the competition.

  • Locking Tray

    Locking Tray

    Do you want to display your wares and still keep them safe? Locking cases come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors, and can incorporate tiers or dividers. Great for coins, jewelry, stamps, comic books, art, insect collections or anything you want people to see but not touch.

  • Ballot Box

    Ballot Box

    Ballot boxes, lead-generation boxes, suggestion boxes, drawing boxes or donation boxes come in a variety of colors, sizes and styles. They are available with form and sign holders as well as locks.

  • Adjustable Tray

    Adjustable Tray

    This adjustable tray allows you to store a variety of sizes of objects such as jewelry, cosmetics, office supplies, scrap booking supplies, stickers, socks, beads, craft supplies and much more. Available in clear Acrylic or a variety of other colors.

  • Angled-Top Box

    Angled-Top Box

    Countertop boxes are available in a variety of sizes and angled tops, with or without lids. For food products, a hinged lid is great for keeping dust out and freshness in, while a handle provides ease of use. Great for organizing bulk items.

  • Tiered Step Display

    Tiered Step Display

    These tiered displays are available in a variety of sizes, tiers, and with or without dividers or front-edge lips. Pockets and sign holders can be added. With the additional support of the back on the stairs, these units are ready to display just about anything. Knock-down styles are also available for easy transport.

  • Interlocking Stair Display

    Interlocking Stair Display

    This interlocking stair display is ready for travel. It packs flat in six pieces and assembles by sliding together. It is sturdy enough to display mugs, figurines, vases, plants, jewelry boxes, candles, cleaning products, bonsai trees and your products.

  • Easels


    Easels are available in many sizes and styles. Display your artwork, handbags, pictures, collector plates, tiles, clocks, coins, medallions, signage, bowls, boxes, packaged shirts. Can be customized to feature multiple tiers, labels, hinges, and holes for mounting.

  • Acrylic Block

    Acrylic Block

    Acrylic blocks are a perfect choice to give your product the finished look it deserves. Acrylic bases are available in many sizes, colors and shapes such as squares, circles, and beveled or angled edges for identification labels.
  • Divided Bin Display

    Divided Bin Display

    Four removable dividers provide adjustable compartments in this angled-front bin display. Divided bins are great organizers on your countertop or as an in-shelf displayer. Great for stuffed animals, dolls, toys, socks, gloves, boxed items, balloons, pet toys, purses, scarves, DVDs, beads, marbles, stones, craft supplies and more.

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