POP Custom Displays

CUSTOM Point-of-Purchase (POP) or CUSTOM Point-of-Sale (POS) displays are our specialty. Let’s face it, retail space is a premium.  How do you get customers to purchase your products over the competition? Answer:  A Custom Display!

The benefits of a custom display are numerous.  Here are few:

  1. The look of your display helps validate the price of your product.
  2. A custom display helps to draw the consumer’s eyes to YOUR product which allows you to stand out from the rest.
  3. Custom displays allow you to have your name on the display through digital print, screen print or vinyl to keep you in front of the consumer, even if the display is sold out.  
  4. Space and decor requirements of the retailer are able to be met.
  5. Custom displays allow you to select the right material for the environment in which your product is displayed.
  6. A custom display can help you maximize profits and secure prized retail space to snag those last-minute impulse purchases.

For over 20 years, we have helped product distributors; small, medium and large sized companies increase their sales with custom displays.  We would love a chance to earn your business.

  • White Acrylic Tissue Box And Tray

    White Acrylic Tissue Box And Tray

    White Acrylic tissue box with tray for cotton balls, brushes, makeup and other accessories.

  • Interactive Floor Merchandising Display

    Interactive Floor Merchandising Display

    Interactive Display for sports wear. Additional storage is created behind the removable panels. Product is showcased on the mannequin. Additional product is able to be stored behind the removable panels for smaller stores and with the removal of the panels your selling area doubles. The interactive panel on the top shows a video of the product in use and its benefits to encourage purchase. The wheels on the display make it portable and easy to move in and out of areas for best exposure.

  • Convertible Acrylic Map Or Guide Display

    Convertible Acrylic Map Or Guide Display

    You select how many maps or guides you would like to display. Each tier interlocks into the next so the entire unit becomes like one. Can be used on a pole to create a floor stand display or it can be mounted to a turntable for a rotating counter top display. Custom headers and spaces are also available. 

  • Acrylic Pedestal

    Acrylic Pedestal

    Red Acrylic Pedestal - Just a sneak peak into our new custom-designed Acrylic furniture line we will be launching over the next few weeks. The name of the line? Ottavia. Give us a call if you would like one of these pedestals and keep an eye out for our new line. 

  • PETG Double Ticket Dispenser

    PETG Double Ticket Dispenser

    PETG double ticket dispenser is break-resistant. Break-resistant lottery ticket dispenser fits two rolls of tickets. Lockable case features ticket guides for easy tear and suction cups to help hold case to the counter. 

  • PETG Tray With Graphic Holders

    PETG Tray With Graphic Holders

    This PETG break-resistant tray with graphic holders is just the right choice for high traffic areas to display socks, hosiery, undergarments, wallets and other packaged items. Just fill up the tray, insert your advertisements on both ends and put the tray out on the sales floor. 

  • Free Standing Newspaper Display

    Free Standing Newspaper Display

    Portable three-tier newspaper display rack features a header for advertisement, a newspaper header pocket to catch attention by displaying headlining events, extra removable pockets for additional display space, screen-printed logos and wheels for easily moving the stands in and out of retail spaces. Perfect for airports, bookstores, cafes and other venues. Available in Acrylic or PETG. This display was customized for Dow Jones.

  • Cinda B Display

    Cinda B Display

    This rotating Acrylic countertop POP display is eye-catching, has brand identification, shows their products and tells their motto all while displaying their popular merchandise. Proudly, each and every cinda b product is made right here in the U.S.A., including their display.

  • Rotating Countertop Display

    Rotating Countertop Display

    These countertop spinner displays are fabricated from expanded PVC, also known as Sintra or Komatex, and are available in many different colors. This material provides a budget friendly option while still displaying your merchandise in class. You can customize this display to fit your product and you can choose from a variety of hook options.

  • Collection Box

    Collection Box

    Acrylic collection box fits the bill for collecting offerings, leads, donations and cards. Available in many sizes and a variety of colors. This box features a hinged lid and lock. The collection box can either be bolted to the pedestal or can just sit on top and then used on counters. Just right for churches, wedding receptions, offices, fundraising, donation centers.

  • Cosmetic Display

    Cosmetic Display

    Custom Acrylic Cosmetic Display for lip gloss with sign holder. And by the way . . . if you are looking to purchase great lip gloss, check out Haughty.  50% of net profits from the sale of Haughty products go to domestic violence prevention education.

  • Mangiacotti Hand Lotion Display

    Mangiacotti Hand Lotion Display

    Mangiacotti asked for a custom Acrylic tiered display for their bottled hand lotion. We were able to custom fit this display to their bottle and ensure that all the desired information was able to be seen in each tier. Screen printing was added to draw attention to their product and their company. Mangiacotti is celebrating 10 years of light-hearted luxury. Congratulations!
  • Nordstrom Accessory Display

    Nordstrom Accessory Display

    1/2" thick clear Acrylic buffed to a high gloss makes this display shine. Adding the material covered pad inserted in the display adds class and value to the showcased accessories. The pad is removable for easy cleaning. 

  • Plastic Protective Cover

    Plastic Protective Cover

    Acrylic protective cover, securely mounted, allows customers to watch a demonstration while eliminating liability.

  • Acrylic Tray

    Acrylic Tray

    This Acrylic tray is great for serving food, organizing your bathroom accessories, holding your favorite magazines, or as a base for a centerpiece. This style can also be customized with designer paper that is inserted and protected underneath the tray so you can serve in style without soiling your design.

  • Acrylic Candy Rack

    Acrylic Candy Rack

    This clear Acrylic candy rack is great for convenience stores. It can be wall mounted or set on a counter. This display can be found in your local Stop & Shop.

  • Electronic Gift Card Display

    Electronic Gift Card Display

    This electronic gift card holder, developed for Bloomingdale's, holds gift cards, application forms and has a sign holder attached to the front for easy rotation of promotional ads.

  • Literature Holders For Fixtures

    Literature Holders For Fixtures

    Polyfab works alongside advertising agencies and millwork shops by providing sign and literature holders that are incorporated in wood and metal fixtures. An example of our work can be found in your local PNC or Bank of America centers.

  • Cosmetic Brush Display

    Cosmetic Brush Display

    Creative In-Shelf Custom Acrylic Display for Cosmetic Brushes

  • ATM Privacy Panel

    ATM Privacy Panel

    This Acrylic ATM privacy panel has been screen printed to the client's branding colors and is assembled onto a metal frame for installation next to an ATM machine.

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